The beautiful thing about talking with a group of teachers is the amount of sharing that goes on. You share the wins and the struggles. You share your ideas, and your goals. Most importantly, you share your wildest dreams you could see in an ideal classroom.


As I look towards building my masters project, it is great to share ideas and goals with colleagues. Specifically, which areas are being researched for literature reviews.


The challenge is that it brings up too many great ideas to pursue. Some spoke of how to integrate First Nations principles into their classroom, and others are looking into how artificial intelligence can engage students to be active learners.

Personally, my ideas for literature have shifted with every conversation I have had with a colleague. My big idea is to examine how to actively engage students in an online learning environment. However, I have branched into blended learning, engagement strategies, flipped classrooms and the influence of technology. Now I want to pursue multiple intelligence and see how valuing and evaluating multiple intelligence can engage a variety of students.

Its challenging to stick with one idea for research when there are so many interesting avenues to pursue. Thankfully, there is plenty of opportunity to collaborate and discuss ideas with classmates and colleagues.

Sharing ideas is one of the greatest aspects of being both a teacher and a masters student.