Hi there, my name is Rochelle Smith.

In September I will be starting my 3rd year teaching, ever. I started with a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree with a minor in sociology, and then continued to earn my Bachelor of Education focusing on Physical and Health Education and Social Studies.

Although I had fully intended to teach on call for the first year, I took a full-time position in the third week of September. I was hired as a high school humanities teacher at a distributed learning school in the lower mainland. This meant that half of my students were in a blended program and the other half were fully online. Our blended program has students attend face-to-face classes on Mondays and Tuesdays each week. They then work from home, using an online platform, Wednesday – Friday.

My first year of teaching was a humongous learning curve. Not only did I have to run a high school classroom, I had to learn how to manage, edit, and engage with an online platform.  Although, I believe I have made great strides in my teacher tool kit, I know there is much more that I can learn.

Which brings us to the reason for this blog, I have decided to continue my professional development by enrolling in the Master of Education: Educational Technology. Throughout this program, I hope to build and develop engaging online curriculum, that affords my students diverse learning opportunities. I also hope to add to my technological skills which can only improve my teaching practices.